H2Genesys H2 & HHO Generators

We offer two types of hydrogen therapy devices used by both individuals and professional practitioners. Though the devices vary in many aspects, both provide the incredible health benefits of molecular hydrogen.

H2Genesys Pure H2-O2 Generator
H2Genesys Pure H2-O2 Generator
H2Genesys HHO/Brown's Gas Generator

With H2Genesys Generators you can easily create a high quality hydrogen stream for inhalation, or bubble hydrogen gas through water to make hydrogen-rich water for drinking.

Molecular hydrogen has been shown to achieve a number of important benefits. It can improve athletic performance because, via passive diffusion, it quickly reaches subcellular compartments and helps protect proteins, RNA, DNA, mitochondria, and cell membranes from damage.

It also decreases only very cytotoxic radicals. It does not eliminate beneficial signaling and helps maintain redox homeostasis. Molecular hydrogen also activates the Nrf2 pathway, then upregulates endogenous antioxidants while decreasing levels of pro-inflammatory mediators. 

In some cases, molecular hydrogen can improve production of oxidants, providing some hormetic benefits like those gained by taking part in exercise. Hydrogen also helps maintain MMP, or mitochondrial membrane potential, increases creation of ATP, and has other useful results, all of which can provide cytoprotective results for anyone, from those with chronic illness to elite athletes.

When and for how long do we inhale hydrogen?

  • It takes around 20 minutes for hydrogen to reach cells in all parts of your body
  • In hospitals and clinics in Japan, depending on the patient’s condition, hydrogen inhalation is performed for about 1 hour, 1~3 times a day
  • For athletes, pre/post-exercise, once each, 60~90 minutes per session
  • 60 minutes prior to sleep for severe insomnia
  • For patients during chemotherapy, and with brain diseases like Parkinson’s, or autoimmune diseases, 4~6 hours (during sleep) (the more the better, and less side effects)
  • For normal health, once or twice a day (morning and night) 30~60 minutes per session
  • Some people do much more depending on your goals

Comparison between HHO/Browns Gas and Pure H2/O2 Generators

What is the difference between the HHO/Browns Gas generator and the Pure H2-O2 Generator?

They both work well for health in general, so it just depends on opinions and preferences.  First, what do our HHO and Pure H2-O2 machines have in common?

Both of the H2Genesys Generators:

  • Produce about the same amount of beneficial Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • Produce enough gas for two people to breathe simultaneously
  • Demonstrate the same health benefits of hydrogen in general
  • Though electrolyzers use different technologies the gasses produced are equally as safe
  • Lifetime use with proper maintenance
  • Front facing water indicator with backlight
  • Require flushing and maintenance on a weekly and 6 month basis
  • Require frequent additional use of distilled water
  • Include same guarantees, service, parts and return policy 
  • Contain small external bubblers used for:
    • Filtering any impurities from the gasses
    • Adding humidity to the gas so it is not so drying to nasal passages
    • Preventing any hydrogen combustion from reaching larger internal reservoirs
    • Cooling gasses before inhalation for added comfort
    • Ability to add cold or iced water for additional gas cooling

The table below addresses more of the specifics and differences: 


H2Genesys HHO/Browns Gas

H2Genesys Pure H2-O2


H2Genesys Pure H2-O2 Generator

Flow rate/minute

Total gas flow 1100 ml/minute at max 

Oxyhydrogen (HHO)/Brown’s Gas is comprised of 66% hydrogen and 33% oxygen

Adjustable flow rate, one gas output (HHO)

Total gas flow 1000 ml/minute

Hydrogen gas (H2): 666.6 ml/minute

Oxygen gas (O2): 333.3 ml/minute

Flow rate not adjustable, two gas outputs (H2 and O2)

Initial solution added

50 grams Sodium Hydroxide Solution

 (More care needed during initial setup and 6 month maintenance) 

Distilled water only due to Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM)

Electrolyzer Electrodes

Stainless Steel

Platinum & Titanium

Topped off with 

Distilled Water

Distilled Water

6 Month Maintenance

Drain, rinse 3 times, and add new 50 gram (NaOH) lye solution

Drain, rinse, and add a new bag of resin pellets that absorb impurities in water. (Available in our store)

Electrically Expanded Water ExW

(may produce additional health benefits)



HHO Browns Gas
(Stable cluster of gasses with potential added benefits)

Pure H2 and Pure Oxygen

Separate H2 and O2 ports


(All gasses combined)

(Use both together or individually)

Automatic mechanical overpressure release




Electronic Pressure Sensor



Adjustable Gas Output



Frequency Control of pluses generating gasses



Amp Meter on face


(Indicates power consumption and working status)


Shut Off Timer






Overheat Shutoff

(Not necessary as power level can be adjusted plus has large cooling fan)

(Overheating sensor and shut off)

Drinking Container Treatment System Included


(but optional)


Easier to find and cheaper off the shelf parts

Custom parts and electronics


Industrial Durable Metal Case

Modern Plastic Shell

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