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My Name is Ben,  The creator of the H2Genesys, an electrical engineer by schooling and a biohacker out of a passion for optimal health and longevity.  I personally found my way to molecular hydrogen researching anti-aging therapies and self-biohacking.   I have read 1000s of books and research papers and have experimented on myself to see what really works. The use of Oxyhydrogen has become my number one protocol for general health, fitness, healing and longevity. My research and personal results have prompted me to want to share this with as many people as possible. I have since come to personally believe molecular hydrogen & Oxyhydrogen therapies are literally a biological miracle. No matter where you are in your life you will find a way to benefit from its use.

As I have grown older I notice my energy levels dropping, by body not healing as fast and my mind possibly not as sharp as when I was younger. I wanted to get the youthful mind and energetic me back.  Various research paths revealed a key to health is maintaining healthy mitochondria and how hydrogen is involved in the process.   I learned that hydrogen is naturally produced in the gut by special bateria, but is seldom enough for our bodies to benefit from the full potential it has to offer us.  

After reading lots of case studies and research I became convinced that Hydrogen was an integral part of overall health and that supplementation of H2 could bring immense benefits.  More research revealed that a combination of Hydrogen Water and Hydrogen inhalation was the way to go but oxyhydrogen showed even more potential benefits.  At the time, I could not justify spending the thousands of dollars that other retailers were asking for such systems.  So,  I began experiments, building and then using my own safe, effective & affordable oxyhydrogen generator.  It was not long before I started seeing my own unique results.

My personal experience from both drinking H2 Water and inhaling H2:

  • More energy
  • Better sleep,  deeper sleep, more dreams
  • More focus and easier to relax
  • Inflammation, Sciatic nerve pain for over 2 years: Gone
  • Neuropathy starting in left foot: Gone
  • Eyes and skin improvements
  • Faster recovery from exercise including less soreness
  • Better exercise performance
  • Any signs of cold or flu disappear quickly

…As I used it, felt the benefits and shared my results with other friends, family and health enthusiasts, I was asked again and again, “Can you make me one?”   I made a few for friends and family and the referrals kept coming. So here we are today, after seeing how this has benefited so many people, we’ve finally created a website so we can scale things up and reach a wider audience. Now many others have access to a safe, effective and most affordable oxyhydrogen machine on the market. The future of heath is here for everyone and we call it the H2Genesys.

Actually, the H2Genesys is only the beginning. I look forward to sharing more valuable research, products and experiences possibly showing that reversing aging may one day be possible.

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