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Our Mission

To bring the powerful benefits of hydrogen therapy to as many people as possible. To educate about molecular hydrogen as a foundational protocol for general health, fitness, healing, and longevity. To make it accessible, affordable, and sustainable.

Our Team

Our Inventor

Ben is an engineer, scientist, homesteader, biohacker, and the creator of H2Genesys molecular hydrogen generators. He found his way to molecular hydrogen by researching anti-aging therapies and experimenting different biohacking techniques with himself. Through his research he found that a key to sustainable health is supporting cell mitochondria, and how helpful molecular hydrogen can be in this process. 

Ben’s first interest was in HHO/Brown’s Gas, a distinct gas from pure molecular hydrogen, and he has created a safe, effective and affordable HHO/Brown’s Gas generator that he continues to use everyday as a part of his sustainable, sovereign life and health care plan.

Our Customer Experience Manager

Sri is a yogini, writer, web developer, bodyworker, and Ayurvedic Practitioner with a degree in Anthropology. She started breathing and drinking hydrogen during her pregnancy and has since become a Certified H2 Advisor by the Molecular Hydrogen Institute.

Sri believes in the H2Genesys mission to bring the powerful benefits of hydrogen therapy to as many people as possible. She sees her role as an educator, teaching people how to incorporate this incredibly supportive element into their lives.

The Story of H2Genesys

BEN: As I grew older I noticed my energy levels dropping, my body not healing as fast, and my mind not as sharp as when I was younger. I wanted to get my youthful mind and energetic body back. 

After reading lots of research and case studies, I became convinced that hydrogen is an integral part of overall health, and that supplementation of H2 can bring immense benefits. 

More research revealed that a combination of drinking H2 water and breathing H2 gas was the way to go, and that HHO/Brown’s Gas showed even more potential benefits. I did not want to spend a lot on such a system. So I began experiments, building, and then using my own safe, effective, and affordable HHO/Brown’s Gas generator.  

I quickly began seeing my own unique results.

My personal experience:

  • More energy
  • Better sleep,  deeper sleep, more dreams
  • Greater focus, easier to relax
  • Inflammatory sciatic nerve pain for over 2 years: Gone
  • Neuropathy starting in left foot: Gone
  • Eyes and skin improvements
  • Faster recovery from exercise, including less soreness
  • Better exercise performance
  • Any signs of cold or flu disappear quickly

Hydrogen became my #1 protocol for general health, fitness, healing, and longevity.

As I used the machine and felt the benefits, I shared my results with friends, family, and other health enthusiasts. I was asked again and again, “Can you make me one?”   

I made a few for friends and family, and the referrals kept coming. So many people have benefited from this therapy that we decided to scale things up and reach a wider audience. Everyone should have access to this safe, effective, and affordable therapy. The future of health is here for everyone, drinking and breathing molecular hydrogen and Brown’s Gas.

SRI: H2Geneys began as an idea in Ben’s head. We live on his homestead where we’re building a sustainable and sovereign life which includes off-grid services and a farm full of food sources.  Ben is a master at making things. He’s also a hacker which in my view means he uses the most practical and direct means for any end. He’s always been interested in biohacking and how to support all the processes in the body. I met him when he first began tinkering with building HHO/Brown’s Gas machines. 

When Ben started breathing the H2 and drinking the H2 water I was pregnant with our daughter. It was my first pregnancy and I was hesitant to try the Brown’s Gas while pregnant, but when I did, I felt great. My whole pregnancy went really smoothly. I slept better from breathing the gas at night before bed, and I noticed that drinking H2 water improved my breast milk production after the baby was born.

I recently joined Ben in H2Genesys as Customer Experience Manager because I understand what a huge potential molecular hydrogen therapy has for improving lives and I want to be a part of that mission.

I have recently learned so much about hydrogen and these machines. It will be my pleasure to help you figure out how to incorporate this amazing supplement into your daily life.

We are a Family Business

Ben and Sri work from the farm in Costa Rica, and Ben’s family in Atlanta, Georgia manage our manufacturing plant and worldwide shipment processing.

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