H2Genesys OxyHydrogen/HHO/BrownsGas Generator (Complete Package in 1box) Lye NOT Included

H2Genesys Complete: The more feature rich and affordable  OxyHydrogen/Hydrogen generator.  Used for therapeutic H2 water and molecular hydrogen inhalation treatments.  Includes everything you need to get started except Lye. Sodium Hydroxide(NaOH/Lye) IS NOT INCLUDED



Safe, Effective & Affordable

Produce your own OxyHydrogen/Brown’s Gas/Hydrogen for inhalation and water infusion therapies.

The H2 Genesys is a OxyHydrogen/Hydrogen Generator.   There are hundreds of research papers that explain the benefits of molecular hydrogen and all the health benefits it can provide.  The H2Genesys, takes it to another level by providing additional health benefits in the form of a Rydberg Gas Cluster.

This gas is commonly known as Brown’s Gas is produced by electrolysis (The splitting of water molecules with electricity).

The gas produced by the H2Genesys is also known as:

  • Oxyhydrogen
  • Brown’s Gas
  • Hydroxy
  • HHO & HOH

Oxyhydrogen is a Rydberg Gas Cluster made up of a variety of molecules and gaseous elements including:

  • H2: Diatomic Hydrogen
  • O2: Diatomic Oxygen
  • HOH: Electric Steam, Electrically Charged/Expanded Water. Water with additional electrons
  • Water Vapor
  • Small amounts of Monatomic Hydrogen and Monatomic Oxygen (H+ & O-)O
 A therapeutic dose of Molecular Hydrogen used in studies is usually between 120ml to 240ml of hydrogen per minute.  The H2Genesys produces as much as 722ml of hydrogen gas per minute.  Easily enough hydrogen gas to allow 2 to 3 people to breath simultaneously with the includes air splitter.   Couples often share the use of our machines while relaxing in bed.
This package does not include the necessary Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) Lye Powder which you can find here.
Weight 288 oz
Dimensions 24 × 11 × 15 in


Specifications at Maximum Power:
  • Power Draw: 300 Watts at 13 Amps
  • Total Gas Production Measured:  65 Liters per hour HHO
  • Hydrogen Gas (H2): 722ml/minute (enough for 2-3 people to inhale simultaneously with included airsplitter)
  • Oxygen Gas (O2): 361ml/minute
  • Internal Water Volume:  ~ 1.1 liters
  • Usable Water Volume: ~0.7 liters
  • Run time at full power: ~21.7 hours using 0.7 liters
  • 1 Liter distilled water provides:  ~28.6 hours run time
  • 1 Gallon distilled water provides: ~108.3 hours run time

Control Panel

  • Adjustable Power Output between 0%-100%
  • Adjustable Frequency Output between 0Hz-150kHz

Accessories Included

This package includes everything you need to making hydrogen infused water as well as  breathing oxyhydrogen.  There is not need to buy other products to get started.

Itemized list of parts:

  • Base Unit: Oxyhydrogen/Hydrogen generator with 110 volt power cord
    • Control Panel with Power and Frequency controls
    • Water Level Indicator
    • Current/Amp Meter (super important to make sure unit is functioning propertly)
  • Clear Expansion Chamber (Cools and condenses water vapor and purifies gas)
    • including 2 short hoses and 1 check valve
  • 2 humidifier/bubbler bottles
  • 2   12 inch hoses for connecting the 2 small bubblers
  • 2 bottle holders
  • Drinking Water Container with accessories
    • Long length of hose (Connects to bubbler)
    • Air stone connected to long hose
    • Drinking  Water Container with snap on top
    • Water spigot tap
    • Metal air splitter attached to short exit hose
    • 2 short hoses connect to air splitter
  • 2 cannulas for 2 people to breathe gas simultaneously
  • Extra hose unions
  • Teflon tape
  • A funnel and syringe to assist in filling the unit
  • Link to Online Manual and How-To Videos


Particular benefits worth noting

  • Produces enough Oxyhydrogen/Hydrogen for 2-3 people to breathe simultaneously
  • Comes with air splitter to control the gas flow between 2 -3 people
  • Control Panel allows easy adjustment of gas output to
  • Easy to use drinking water container. (We find the easier it is to fill and remove water, the more often you use it.)
    • Snap on lid for fast filling or scooping out of water
    • Spigot for easy extracting water for quick drinking before hydrogen dissipates
  • Pop Off Top on the clear expansion chamber.
    • The non-glued snuggly fitted top on the expansion chamber easily pops off in the case of foaming or overpressure events.  This rarely happens but makes the unit incredibly safe as no high pressures ever have a chance to build up
    • Makes it quick and easy to refill.
  • Top handles for easy mobility around the house and between rooms
  • Beautifully designed to show off to your friends 🙂
  • Safe
  • Easy on your wallet
    • The most affordable oxyhydrogen/hydrogen generator on the market.
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