OxyHydrogen Use in Treating Covid-19

Potential Cheap and effective treatment for COVID-19

Studies are now showing positive results in using OxyHydrogen as a potential treatment for covid-19. Since February, chinese doctors have been using oxyhydrogen in trials and now recommend OxyHydrogen gas as one of the treatments they are using to help patients recover from covid-19

COVID-19 Pathophysiology & the Rationale for why Molecular Hydrogen is being clinically investigated and used.

Given the theory that molecular hydrogen can significantly down-regulate expressions of inflammation-related genes and selectively reduce hydroxyl radical, there are reasons to believe that cytokine storm and oxidative stress can be suppressed by hydrogen when getting infected with CoVid-19 [8,9]

Hydrogen, a non-cytotoxic molecule, is one of nature’s most simple elements. Recent studies revealed that intraperitoneal injection of hydrogen-rich saline has surprising anti-inflammation, anti-oxidant, anti-apoptosis effects and protected organism against polymicrobial sepsis injury, acute peritonitis injury both by reducing oxidative stress and via decreasing mass pro-inflammatory responses. [3,4,8,9]

Studies have shown that suppressing the cytokine storm and reducing oxidative stress can significantly alleviate the symptoms of influenza and other severe viral infections diseases [5,6,7]

Proposed Hydrogen Therapy

There are several methods to ingest or consume H2; inhaling H2 gas, drinking H2-dissolved water (H2-water), injecting H2-dissolved saline (H2-saline), taking an H2 bath, or dropping H2-saline into the eyes. [11]

More here: https://www.researchgate.net/post/Potential_Cheap_and_effective_Drug_for_COVID-19

Understanding the problem is key. This report below from China reveals how leading doctors are using Antioxidants to treat patients and seeing faster recoveries. Especially in the case of the elderly. Reactive Oxidant Species run down the body and if you’re body does not have enough antioxidants to fight back it will lose the battle. Oxyhydrogen and Hydrogen are best known for their antioxidant properties. It’s now wonder Oxyhydrogen is being used successfully in China as a treatment for covid19.

Announcement from China : Hydrogen Oxygen (Oxyhydrogen) Inhalation is Effective against New Coronavirus

Dr. Nanshan Zhong on fighting against COVID-19 using hydrogen-oxygen therapy

Molecular Hydrogen Treatment and COVID-19 Corona Virus infection in China – part 1.

Molecular Hydrogen Treatment and COVID-19 Corona Virus infection in China – part 2.

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