Sleeve: Hydrogen Drawstring Sleeve for Treating Elbow, Shoulder and Knee

This Hydrogen/HHO Drawstring Sleeve is used for external treatment of Elbows, Shoulders and Knees with H2/HHO gas .

Original price was: $35.00.Current price is: $30.00.

This Hydrogen/HHO Drawstring Bag is used for external treatment of Elbows, Shoulders and Knees with H2/HHO gas .    Breathing and drinking H2 water are very beneficial but for more serious problems with extremities and joints we have found it extremely more effective to treat externally with the HHO gas since it easily diffuses into your skin.  This method greatly increases blood circulation while decreasing any inflammation for faster healing.  We have found a noticeable difference using these bags as compared to only breathing or drinking H2 water.

One size fits all.  Made of a special material that does not let air pass through easily.  You can not blow through this fabric.

Seams in the sleeve will gradually let gas leak out but the drawstring helps seal the sleeve openings against your skin to contain enough gas for maximum effectiveness.  Any hose, tube or even a cannula can be placed inside the large opening before pulling the drawstring so it closes snugly against your skin.   You can run the H2Genesys at 70-80% power when using external treatments.  The longer it’s used and more often it is used the faster you will noticed beneficial changes.  Use a minimum of 1 hour or several hours.  Overnight usage is even better if you find a way to do it comfortably.  Healing effects seems to linger 1-3 days so a treatment every few days is beneficial as well.  Best to stagger treatments between hours or days as variable treatment lengths and times seem to help.

If you want to treat hands or feet look in our store for the Bag which is open on 1 end.  This sleeve is open on 2 ends.


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