Drinking Water Container Assembly (1.6 liters)

Fully assembled, tubing, airsplitter and seals


This 1.6 liter drinking container assembly is used along with the H2Genesys to allow one to create HHO infused water while at the same time breathing the HHO gas.

Adding this after the last small bubbler also helps keep the HHO cool even if you are not planning to drink the water.

Additional Parts Included in the Assembly

  • Silicon tubing connected to airstone
  • Sealing Snap/Clamping top with 2 airtight grommets installed
  • Internal bubble splash guard to reduce water jumping into exit hose
  • Exit hose segment
  • 2 way air splitter with short segments of silicon hose for easier connecting of cannulas
  • Water spigot for quick easy access to drinking water without having to open the top

Comes fully assembled

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in
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